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Sky Vision Sells Formats for Secret Life of the Zoo and Muslims Like Us To The Netherlands

Secret Life of the Zoo series 2

Sky Vision, the production and distribution arm of Sky, has sold two new formats to the Netherlands it was announced today.

The BAFTA nominated The Secret Life of the Zoo, which has proved to be a ratings hit for Channel 4 in the UK and is currently on its sixth series, has been picked up by NTR in the Netherlands and will air in 2019. 

The 6 x 45 Dutch observational documentary is set in Ouwehands Zoo in Rhenen and will be produced by I Care Productions. It uses pioneering camera technology to film animal behaviour inside this highly popular visitor attraction in the Netherlands, and will reveal the life of animals that zoo visitors never see, from birth, to mating, to illness and death.

Love Productions’ BAFTA award-winning documentary, Muslims Like Us, has also been acquired by NTR in the Netherlands. The 5 x 30 series is the second international version of the programme, the first being shown in Australia in February this year. It has been produced by Sputnik Media, an independent production company based in the BENELUX and was aired in the Netherlands in December 2018.

There will also be a 2 x 60 spin-off version due to transmit on SBS Australia this year entitled Christians Like Us. It will be produced by Cjz and is due to transmit early 2019.

In Muslims Like Us eight Dutch Muslims with different opinions and beliefs come together and try to decide what the rules of life are, and question what it means to be a Muslim. Four men and four women live together for ten days in a house near Roermond, and question what it means to be a Muslim, how to live in the spirit of Islam and how that fits in the current Dutch society. 

Christians Like Us is a compelling two-part series where ten Christian Australians with widely diverse beliefs live together for one week, vigorously debating the hot topics of their religion. Christianity is in crisis after being rocked by sex abuse scandals, criticised for its stance on gay marriage and battling internal conflict over abortion and women as priests. From fundamentalist pentecostal to progressive, the ten believers tackle the big issues facing their faith.

Leona Connell, Sales Director, Sky Vision said: “The Secret Life of the Zoo has been a huge success in the UK and I’m sure the show will delight Dutch audiences. Muslims Like Us is a compelling series which raises questions that Muslims throughout Europe are asking and will make gripping viewing.”

René Takken, Spokesman for NTR, said: “The Dutch version of Muslims Like Us was praised by tv critics in the Netherlands and we hope and expect that The Secret Life of the Zoo will also be a success.”

 For more information contact: Kay Breeze / 020 8995 3936