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Sky Vision Unveils Its 2019 MIPTV Slate

Sky Vision, the production and distribution arm of Sky, has today unveiled its MIPTV slate, which features a wide range of the most compelling drama and powerful factual titles.

Leona Connell, Director of Sales, Sky Vision, said: “We have an extremely impressive MIPTV slate this year, from Helen Mirren’s outstanding performance in Catherine the Great, to tales of faith, love and redemption, and strong factual series such as the true crime documentary Killer. This is an incredible range of programmes that we’re proud to be taking to MIPTV, and we’re sure that global audiences will be hooked by these incredible stories.”

Headlining the slate is Catherine The Great (4 x 60), an epic historical romance starring Helen Mirren, that delves into the politically tumultuous and sexually charged court of the most powerful female monarch in history. It is produced by New Pictures Ltd and Origin Pictures for Sky Atlantic and HBO. 

Five Bedrooms (8 x 60), is a story of five loosely connected friends at the singles table at a wedding who decided to pool together to get on the property ladder. There’s just one glaring problem: they’ll have to live with each other. It is produced by Emmy® and BAFTA-winning production company Hoodlum Entertainment for Network Ten.

Detective Lauri Raiha is sent to investigate the murders of two men in the small northern town where he grew up in All the Sins (6 x 60). But going home forces him to face his family and the deeply religious Laestadian community that rejected his homosexuality. Together with his partner Sanna, Lauri seeks answers to the case only to discover other truths about himself, his home town, and whether one has the power to forgive all sins. It’s produced by MRP Matila Röhr Productions Oy for Elisa Viihde.

In Lambs of God (4 x 60), on a remote island, three Catholic nuns are the last remaining members of the enclosed order of St. Agnes. Forgotten by the rest of the world, the nuns live a humble life of work, prayers, and telling dark fairy tales until an ambitious young priest arrives on a mission from the church. When the nuns become aware of Father Ignatius’ true intentions, they are forced to take matters into their own hands. What unfolds is an epic and fantastical tale of faith, love and redemption. Produced by Lingo Pictures for Foxtel.

Written and directed by BAFTA winning Dominic Savage, I AM (3 x 60) was devised in collaboration with actors Samantha Morton, Vicky McClure and Gemma Chan, each of whom has close personal connection to the story they are involved in.

Kirsty (Samantha Morton) is a woman fighting to keep her family stable in a precarious world.  Hannah (Gemma Chan) is a lawyer in her ’30s living an ordinary life but searching for a greater purpose, whilst Nicola (Vicky McClure) is a woman searching for a romantic ideal of perfect relationship.  Nicola is so caught up in seeking her dream that she fails to notice her dark and complicated reality - or to ask herself, what does she actually want? What is really valuable in a relationship? Produced by Me + You Productions for Channel 4.

From the factual slate comes Famous & Fighting Crime (4 x 60), a bold and provocative series which takes celebrities out of their comfort zones to join police on the frontlines and deal with everyday crimes, criminals and victims. Stars such as model Penny Lancaster and presenter Katie Piper undertake the same training as real-life Special Constables and then hit the streets for two weeks, partnered with serving officers, confronting whatever is thrown at them that day. It gives them a unique and revelatory insight into the sharp end of policing. Produced by Blast! Films for Channel 4. Also available as a 60 min primetime format.

Puppy School (4 x 60) is set in the beautiful grounds of the stately home Chatsworth House. In each episode we meet three puppies and their owners at three different development stages. Each puppy owner has bought a puppy into their lives for a reason, either to help their family deal with a bereavement, overcome anxiety or to help an autistic child.  The puppies are there to help their owners and the puppy trainers are there to help the owners overcome a particular issue they may be having with the puppy, sometimes exacerbated by the behaviour of the owner.  During the final visit to Puppy School we see the puppies grow and overcome some naughty behaviour, but more importantly we see the puppy owners thrive from enjoying their puppies being part of their family. Produced by Red Sky Productions for Channel 4. Also available as a 60 min primetime format.

If We Built It Today (8 x 60) explores the engineering, design, politics and high stakes, of our greatest achievements and asks; how would we construct them today? From Cairo’s Pyramids to Rome’s Coliseum, we all love to visit the great man-made achievements and marvel at the amazing efforts that have stood the tests of time. In this history meets engineering science series we discover a new way of looking at the most amazing creations of mankind by seriously posing the questions of what it would take – and cost – if we built it today. It is produced by Arcadia.

Humiliated by a co-worker. Cheated on by a spouse. Stabbed in the back by a best friend. For some people, there’s only one goal: payback. Killer (40 x 60) is a one-hour, true-crime series that shares riveting tales about people so consumed with vengeance that they will stop at nothing, including committing a terrible crime, to settle the score. Produced by Jupiter Entertainment for HLN and Sky Pick.

Finally, from Cwmni Da & Mac TV and funded by The Wales and Sky Vision Entertainment & Factual Fund, comes Tide (3 x 60), an epic and sweeping exploration of one of the most powerful and mysterious natural forces on earth. Packed with new science and fascinating human stories from people whose lives are affected by the tide, this science and nature series provides incredible insight to this primal and ever-changing natural force. From Wales and China to Canada and the Netherlands, via beaches and marshlands to swamps and estuarine mud flats, we visit stunning locations and witness the world’s strongest and highest tides and experience raging whirlpools and tidal races. 

For more information contact: Kay Breeze, / 020 8995 3936