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Genre: Drama & Comedy
Production Year: 2016

Broadcaster: Sky One
Producer: Jellylegs Productions

For classic humour, join the club. Rovers is a new sitcom from the talented team behind 'The Royle Family' and features two of its most popular stars, Sue Johnston (Downton Abbey, Coronation Street) and Craig Cash (Early Doors, The Mrs Merton Show). While set in the world of lower league football, the focus remains mostly off the pitch and on the fans - a cast of colourful characters that regularly come together in support of their team. Across the series we follow the highs and lows of Redbridge Rovers' fortunes through the lives, loves and passions of the club's fans who, week after week, rejoice in victory (rarely), wallow in defeat (often) and pray to be saved from relegation. Situated largely in the team's clubhouse a home-from-home run by the put-upon Doreen - we get to know the supporters, including Pete, the team's most enthusiastic, knowledgeable fan, and twins Cliff and Richard, who dispute that. New barmaid Sam takes Tom's eye off the ball, while pensioner Francis always knows where the team goes wrong despite being blind. Rovers is a classic example of traditional humour at its best and its characters' comic exchanges will resonate with anyone who has ever supported a team. Starring: Craig Cash (The Royle Family), Sue Johnston (Downton Abbey)

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