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Artists in Love

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Genre: Factual
Production Year: 2015

Broadcaster: Sky Arts (UK, Italia, Deutschland)
Producer: Sky Arts Production Hub

Great romances in the spotlight. This new series tells the romantic, passionate and often unconventional love stories of some of the world's most famous creative forces and their muses. In each episode an actor brings one artist's love story to life and uses letters, photos, films and interviews with experts to understand the passions that bound each couple and, in some cases, which also tore them apart. We also analyse the artist's body of work, looking at subject material, composition and time of creation or performance, in order to see what impact love made upon their art. These dramatic, colourful and headline-grabbing love stories are played out in locations around the world and across many different art forms. Featured couples include Mexican painters Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera, Russian ballet dancer Rudolph Nureyev and Danish dancer Erik Bruhn, Greek-American opera diva Maria Callas and Greek shipping magnate Aristotle Onassis and the unlikely American love story of playwright Arthur Miller and troubled siren of the silver screen, Marilyn Monroe. While each episode focuses on the lead artist in the couple, it also discovers what interests the lovers shared and visits locations where their love story took place.

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Available Episodes

  1. 1 Promo
  2. 2 Episode 1 - Picasso & Dora Maar
  3. 3 Episode 2 - Maria Callas & Aristotle Onassis
  4. 4 Episode 3 - Salvador Dali & Gala Eluard
  5. 5 Episode 4 - Richard Wagner & Cosima Liszt – d’Agoult Amedeo
  6. 6 Episode 5 - Amedeo Modigliani & Jeanne Hébouterne
  7. 7 Episode 6 - Johnny Cash & June Carter
  8. 8 Episode 8 - Arthur Miller & Marilyn Monroe
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