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Rich Brother, Poor Brother

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Genre: Factual Entertainment & Lifestyle
Production Year: 2016

Broadcaster: Channel 4
Producer: Love Productions

Produced by award-winning Love Productions (The Great British Bake Off), this acclaimed new obs doc delves into the relationship of two brothers who, despite sharing the same start in life, wound up taking dramatically different paths. Ivan became a multimillionaire with famous friends, a stable full of horses and an impressive house in London. In contrast, his younger brother David lives in a van by the side of the road. The two siblings rarely see each other but the extremes of their existences are fully exposed when they are challenged to live each other's lives for four days. Can David cope with extravagant lunches and horse riding sessions? And how will Ivan deal with sleeping in a van and working on a building site? As the brothers' extraordinary journeys begin, the forces that drove them apart soon become apparent. Ivan and David were close as children but since becoming separated as teenagers, their lives took entirely different directions. And the problem seems largely to do with money. Their mother also expresses the pain she feels because her sons don't get along as she uses touching home movies and old photographs to describe the two boys' childhood together. After spending four roller-coaster days together, tensions and emotions run high when Ivan and David come together for a final and frank meeting. Will their new insight and experiences improve the brother's relationship? Or could their time together have pushed them further apart?

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