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Justice By Any Means - Series 2

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Genre: Factual
Production Year: 2016

Broadcaster: TV One
Producer: Jupiter Entertainment

Justice By Any Means is a gripping investigative series plunging viewers into amazing true stories of brave men and women who, after suffering unimaginable loss, went all out to confront the bad guys. Fast-paced and intensely personal, each carefully crafted episode combines intimate interviews and rich recreations. From housewives, teachers and parents to journalists and police officers, the series' heroes hail from all walks of life. However, they all share one common trait - a willingness to risk their lives to solve deadly mysteries, track down terrifying criminals and overcome incredible odds to see justice served. The second series' features the powerful story of sister's Shenika and Mareeka, who set out to bring their sisters' violent murderer to justice. It also includes the harrowing experience of grandmother Jannie Ligons, who was subjected to a horrifying sexual assault at the hands of a police officer. Despite her fear, she went public with her story and her determination for justice unearthed a shocking tale of an officer who routinely preyed on women. Getting to the emotional heart of every story, the show's protagonists visit their case's most important locations, such as the nightclub where the crime occurred, the ditch where the body was found or the apartment where they eventually confronted a killer. During their stories, they share their heartbreaks and defeats, the astounding risks they took in pursuit of justice and, ultimately, their incredible triumphs over evil.

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Available Episodes

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