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Deadliest Snakes of South Africa

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Genre: Factual
Production Year: 2016

Broadcaster: Discovery Channels International
Producer: Wild Thing

Fearless presenter Kurdt Greenwood gets up close and personal with the 12 most lethal serpents in South Africa. Kurdt is a young, dynamic naturalist and herpetologist with a passion for wildlife that knows no bounds. He has been obsessed with deadly creatures since he was nine years old and his enthusiasm and infectious manner will have even the biggest ophidiophobes peeking at the screen. In this new series, he travels to remote areas of South Africa to seek out deadly snake species and understand more about their unique behaviour patterns and lethal abilities. Along the way, he meets more of the country's deadly critters, from scorpions and spiders to lizards and bats. Focusing on four deadly serpents per episode, he hopes to educate and inspire people of the wonders of these much-feared reptiles and to help ensure that species that are under threat are saved from extinction. As he counts down the country's deadliest, in addition to seeking out these dangerous culprits, he also offers advice on what to do should you come face to face with a venomous snake. Totally hands-on throughout the series, Kurdt will amaze viewers as he goes in search of South Africa's scariest - meeting mambas, pulling venomous snakes from their hiding places and uncoiling killer cobras from trees.

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