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Killer Clergy

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Genre: Factual
Production Year: 2016

Broadcaster: CBS Reality
Producer: Sky Vision Productions

This gripping new documentary series tells the incredible true stories of obsessive and murderous clergymen who believed that their religious standing and trusted status in the community put them above the law. Each episode's twists and turns could be straight out of a crime drama but this is most definitely a series that proves the old adage: truth is always stranger than fiction. Among 10 shocking cases are the stories of Ryan Erikson, Tracy Burleson and Matt Baker. On 5 February 2002, funeral home director Daniel O'Connell and his young assistant James Ellison are found brutally murdered in Wisconsin. A teenager comes forward with some disturbing allegations concerning the town priest Father Ryan Erickson. Police haul him in for questioning, uncovering a chilling link between allegations of sexual abuse and the double murder. Meanwhile, on the surface, Tracy Burleson is an influential and charismatic minister in one of Houston's oldest Baptist churches. However, there are rumours about his darker side. When his wife is shot dead, police uncover a murderous conspiracy that involves a twisted love triangle that pits father against son, lover against lover and husband against wife. Other alarming cases include that of preacher Matt Baker, whose congregation in Waco, Texas rallies to support him when he wife Kari allegedly commits suicide. However, refusing to accept that her daughter took her own life, Kari's mother begins to investigate. She discovers Baker to be a sexual predator and an adulterer, and is determined not to let him get away with his crimes.

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