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In the Turmoil of the Russian Revolution

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Genre: Factual
Production Year: 2016

Broadcaster: Arte
Producer: Bel Air Media
Also including: Baradal

2017 marks the centenary of one of the most significant and epoch-changing events of the 20th century - the Russian Revolution. In the Turmoil of the Russian Revolution uses the private journals of Pierre Gilliard, tutor to the Romanov children, to provide a very intimate and eye-opening account of what the Imperial family did and thought, day-by-day, as their world was crumbling around them. Gilliard, a Swiss national, gives an exceptional testimonial of the events that devastated the Russian court between 1905 and 1918. However, it's not just his words that form the narrative for this film. His interest in a new technology photography saw him take hundreds of snapshots of the unfolding life of the Romanovs. The contrast between his rarified existence and the increasing groundswell of discontent in the masses is one of the programme's driving forces. Key events of the period including Rasputin's influence, 1905's Bloody Sunday, the Emperor's abdication and Lenin's rise to power - are also covered, with their social and political contexts explored. Meanwhile, historians and experts of the period provide comprehensive analysis. Unfailingly loyal, Gillard was with the Romanov's until the end and was exiled with them to Siberia. After the Tsar's execution, only his Swiss nationality saved him. A privileged, objective witness to these days which turned the world upside down, his account in this mesmerizing new film gives a whole new insight into this extraordinary period of history.

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