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I Knew My Murderer

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Genre: Factual
Production Year: 2017

Producer: Bellum Entertainment

This true crime series investigates shocking cases of people murdered by those close to them. From couples and friend's to co-workers and relatives, each episode tells a single story of a deep relationship that turned deadly and of crimes fueled by jealousy, rage, greed, unrequited love and hatred. Chilling cases involve murderous husbands and money-grabbing wives, lethal love triangles and deadly feuds. They include a serial killer who took the lives of five husbands, her grandson and mother-in-law; a personal assistant who turned on her employer and a neighbourly feud that ended in bloodshed. A 71-year-old shows little remorse when she takes her daughter-in-law's life and a college student takes the ultimate revenge when she suspects her roommate is stealing. Plus, a husband claims he strangled his wife during a bad dream. Does that make him guilty of murder? Alongside compelling storytelling, real-life evidence, expert analysis and dramatic re-enactments, behavioural experts and psychologists give insight into the killers' personalities and their deeply personal motives. Meanwhile, homicide detectives piece together the clues as they hunt for the truth behind these shocking crimes.

Available Episodes

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  2. 2 Episode 1
  3. 3 Episode 2
  4. 4 Episode 3
  5. 5 Episode 4
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