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Baby Borrowers

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Genre: Factual Entertainment & Lifestyle
Production Year: 2009

Broadcaster: BBC Three
Producer: Love Productions

The Baby Borrowers is an ambitious social experiment in which five teenage couples are given the opportunity to live their future fast forward. With each couple given their own home, the next thing to arrive will be the inevitable consequence of a happy relationship a baby. They will have to look after their new arrival as if it were their own. Having handed back the baby, next comes a toddler, pre-teens, teenagers and finally old people. A whole life of care giving in just one month! How will the experience change their ambitions for their future together?

Available Episodes

  1. 1 Promo
  2. 2 Episode 1 - Netherlands Version
  3. 3 Episode 2 - UK Version
  4. 4 Episode 3 - UK Version
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