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The Plague

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Genre: Drama & Comedy
Production Year: 2017

Broadcaster: Movistar+
Producer: Telefonica

The Black Death descends on 16th century Seville, one of the richest and most significant cities in the world. It is the European entry point for New World gold and remains cloaked in piousness while trading in fear, greed and power. It is a city where convents are lax, brothels regulated and hospitals are used as graves - and where mysticism and chaos rule. Mateo (Pablo Monlinero), a former heretic, must now return to the city that sentenced him to death. He is keen to honour the dying wish of his best friend: to save Valerio, his bastard son. Once there he is soon arrested, but the Holy Office offers Mateo a bargain for absolution: solve a spate of murders in the city and he will be pardoned. For Mateo this is life or death. With the bodies piling up - all marked with the sign of the devil - Mateo is drawn into a conspiracy which he believes reaches to the very heights of power within Seville. As the plague begins to consume the city, the walls are closed and the pressure of finding the murderer intensifies. Steeped in intrigue and treachery, The Plague is a unique conspiracy thriller, with edge-of-seat suspense, taking you back to a complex time when public repression and private hedonism walked hand in hand. Starring: Pablo Molinero, Paco Len, Sergio Castellanos.

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