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Genre: Factual
Production Year: 2017

Broadcaster: Movistar +
Producer: Movistar +

Columbus, Pizarro, Corts, Magellan, Ojeda ... these names may all ring a bell. Though gracing a street or a subway station, many of their stories, however, have been all but forgotten. We may know that Balboa discovered the Pacific Ocean, but not that he rose from stowaway to a hero of his time after sneaking onto one of the ships bound of for the still unexplored Americas, and that with him travelled Pizarro, who, to conquer Peru, committed authentic atrocities. Conquistadores is a new and ambitious historical production that faithfully portrays what the first 30 years of the Discovery and Conquest of the America were like, from when Christopher Columbus left Spain in 1492 until the first round-the-world voyage was completed. Produced by Movistar+ in collaboration with Global Set, Conquistadores consists of 8 one-hour episodes of outstanding drama reconstruction and accompanied by another 8-part series which explores the events. Conquistadores boasts meticulous wardrobe design and characterisation, with the reconstruction of forts and camps, and replicas of caravels and ships from the era. It was shot in the Amazon jungle, indigenous villages of Brazil, and on location in Spain, including Burgos, Huelva, Cdiz, Palos, Olite, Cantabria and Almeria.

Available Episodes

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  2. 2 Episode 1
  3. 3 Episode 3