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Genre: Drama & Comedy
Production Year: 2018

Broadcaster: Elisa Telecom & MTV3
Producer: Vertigo Finland

BULLETS is a character-driven, international thriller with a twist-laden plot, set against the atmospheric backdrop of Helsinki, as well as additional locations in Belgium and Georgia. An intelligent mix of police procedural, espionage thriller and political drama, the story centres around Mari, an undercover cop, and her attempts to infiltrate a terror cell of female suicide bombers. Shes out to win the trust of the ex-terrorist Madina Taburova in order to stop a bomb attack - masked as a terrorist attack - from happening on Finnish soil. Starring Krista Kosonen, Sibel Kekilli and Tommi Korpela, the series examines complex, topical themes by exploring the lives of these two very different women, united by similar destinies. Mari and Madina, a widow and an orphan, have allowed themselves to be defined by their missions, for greater good or higher calling. Both are now taking on dangerous undercover roles and engaging in a deadly game to get what they want.