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Genre: Drama & Comedy
Production Year: 2018

Broadcaster: Elisa Viihde & MTV3/CMore
Producer: Vertigo, co-produced with Lumière and Nadcon

Winner of the 2018 MIP Drama Buyers' Coup de Coeur Award. Produced by the team behind The Bridge, The Killing and the hugely successful Millennium Trilogy of films, Bullets is a powerful, character-driven, international thriller with a twist-laden plot, set against the atmospheric backdrops of Helsinki, the criminal underworld of Belgium and the troubled streets of Georgia. An intelligent mix of crime serial, espionage thriller and political drama, the story centres around Mari, a driven, professional Intelligence Agency officer who goes undercover to befriend an asylum seeker who has arrived in Finland and is of great interest to authorities. Why? Because the refugee in question is Madina Taburova, a former recruiter of suicide bombers and once one of the most wanted terrorists in the world but now presumed dead. Mari sets out to win Madina's trust in a mission to uncover why she's returned from the grave, and what her intentions are in Helsinki This gripping series examines complex, topical themes by exploring the lives of these two very different women, united by similar destinies. Mari and Madina, an orphan and a widow, have each allowed themselves to be defined by their missions, although their perspectives on what the greater good or a higher calling means very different. Both are now taking on dangerous undercover roles and engaging in a deadly game to get what they want. Starring: Krista Kosonen (Blade Runner 2049, Midwife) Sibel Kekilli (Game of Thrones, Tatort) Tommi Korpela (Eternal Road, Midwife). Creators: Minna Virtanen (Underworld Trilogy, Sincerely Yours in Cold Blood) Antti Pesonen (Bordertown, Nymphs). Writers: Antti Pesonen (Presidentti, Bordertown) Matti Laine (Bordertown) Kirsi Vikman (Mother of Mine, Magnus Fredrik Skielm). Co-Producers: Peter Nadermann (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, The Killing) Thomas Disch (Modus, Greyzone) Jan De Clercq (The Team, Hassel, Occupied 2). Producer: Minna Virtanen (Underworld Trilogy). Director: Pete Riski (Dark Floors).

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