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One Star to Five Star

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Genre: Factual Entertainment & Lifestyle
Production Year: 2017

Broadcaster: Channel 4
Producer: Blink Films with support from the Welsh Government

The UK's most infamous hoteliers and bon voyeurs, Steph and Dom, are on a mission to help Britain's struggling hotel and guest-house owners. Each week the feisty couple will come to the rescue of a different establishment in need of their expert eye, from failing Blackpool B&Bs, to slick city-centre hotels with rollickingly bad reviews, and even Lord and Lady Muck's country pad that they've turned in to a boutique hotel & Glamp-site to pay the bills. Steph and Dom's aim is to take each place from 1-Star to 5-Star in just five days. To do it they'll have to move in, muck in, get their hands dirty, and argue it out with the owners as to how best to run the place and they rarely all see eye to eye! Each day they'll try to help the owners improve by one-star rating so from 1* to 2* on day one and 4* to 5* on day four. They'll work on a strict budget, that increases daily as the price of the rooms go up and the star-rating (should be!) rising. But it's the real-world guests who turn up each day who'll be deciding how good the hotel really is. On day five, Steph and Dom become guests, leaving the owners to decide which star rating they want to aim for / operate at (they'll have tried 1* to 5* by now) and how best to run their hotel. They must arrange a high-profile launch event and get everything ready for the most important service yet, before Steph and Dom return with some very special guests for the final judgment. Also available as a 30 min stripped primetime format.

Available Episodes

  1. 1 Promo
  2. 2 Episode 1
  3. 3 Episode 2
  4. 4 Episode 3
  5. 5 Episode 4
  6. 6 Episode 5