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The Biggest Little Railway in the World

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Genre: Factual Entertainment & Lifestyle
Production Year: 2017

Broadcaster: Channel 4
Producer: Love Productions

Celebrating the love of model railway-making in Britain, uniting the model railway community, bringing them out of their sheds and attics and blinking into the daylight where they'll be challenged to tackle engineering problems on a scale they've never considered before. The logistical issues of building a world-record breaking model railway in the real world are considerable. Rain, steep gradients, power and finding or making enough track are just some of the challenges. But our experts are convinced that the collective expertise of Britain's army of 100,000 train hobbyists will be more than up to this micro-Herculean task. While the army of hobbyists lay the tracks and their miniature steam trains start to wind their way through some of Britain's most stunning scenery, we will weave in the stories of how Britain first built its great train lines. Everything our team encounters has a parallel in the full-size history of train building. And at a scale of 1:43 the task of building an 80 mile layout in miniature is a bigger challenge than anything attempted by the Victorians.

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