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Laurence of Suburbia

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Genre: Factual Entertainment & Lifestyle
Production Year: 2017

Broadcaster: Channel 7 UK
Producer: Formatzone

Laurence of Suburbia brings together entertainment, home makeover and roadshow in this exciting series. It's all about making us fall back in love our homes, hosted by flamboyant interior designer Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen with a local co-presenter who introduce him to the charms of each new city, town or street. Laurence of Suburbia sees him head to a different neighbourhood each episode, where he invites members of the local community to bring out their rooms and show him their inferior interiors and decorating disasters. The show is built around a big top event, to which the whole community is invited, where Laurence explores - and exposes - the good, the bad, and ugly of the homes people ask him to review. One lucky homeowner, wins a makeover, inspired by the style of the area. But, if they accept their prize, they have to let Laurence have his way with their house - no questions asked. The entire neighbourhood will see the results - streamed to the big top - before they do. Is Laurence's love for their home a blessing or a curse.....all will be revealed! Also available as a 60 min primetime format.

Available Episodes

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