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Naked Terracotta Warriors

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Genre: Factual
Production Year: 2014

Producer: Spring Films

An in-depth look at the lost burial site of Emperor Jing Dis hidden army. Produced by BAFTA award-winning Spring Films, this insightful documentary reveals the lesser-known subterranean army, built to protect the 5th Han Emperor, Jing Di, in his afterlife. Lost for over 2,000 years, it was only discovered in the late 1990s. This immense site covers 81 burial pits, each containing various goods for the afterlife, and as many as 100,000 terracotta figures, all with extremely detailed faces and sexual organs. The film takes the viewer to the breath-taking excavation site, where the sheer scale and beauty of the figures is revealed. Graphic realisation shows us how this vast scheme was created, while dramatic reconstruction takes us back 2,000 years to a time when one man held together a sprawling empire and planned in exquisite detail the path of his own afterlife.

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