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User's Guide to Cheating Death Series, A Series 2

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Genre: Factual
Production Year: 2017

Broadcaster: Vision TV
Producer: Peacock Alley Entertainment

Charismatic health law professor and writer, Timothy Caulfield, returns with a second absorbing series debunking myths around healthcare fads and examining the scientific facts behind some of the latest health trends. Our desire to live longer, look better and prevent ageing has spawned a booming industry; Caulfield expertly and informatively helps pin point the good advice from the bad and where we should invest or save our money. Each episode in the new series explores a specific topic: sleep, vitamins and supplements, germs, body hacking, sex and relationships and spiritual science. Along the way we discover the effects sleep deprivation has on our wellbeing, the pros and cons of FitBits, how Artificial Intelligence is offering meaningful relationships without messy human interaction, and whether all those vitamins and supplements we consume are doing us any good, or in fact doing us harm.

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Available Episodes

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