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Antiques Road Trip - Series 16

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Genre: Factual Entertainment & Lifestyle
Production Year: 2017

Broadcaster: BBC One
Producer: STV Productions
Also available: Series 17

Some people buy antiques to collect them, while others purchase the old items with the intention of selling them and making a profit. The antiques experts in this series fall into the latter category as they head out on a trip across Britain in search of items at bargain prices. After that they head to auctions, where they put the collectibles up for bid and hope to make a profit. The antiques featured range from typical items like household goods to one-of-a-kind finds that include historical artefacts. In the programme two antiques experts compete against each other. They get a budget of 200 pounds with which to buy antiques and collectibles, that are then sold at auction. After each auction, the amount in each expert's kitty, after costs are deducted, becomes their budget for the next leg. The winner is the expert who makes the greater profit over five legs. Each leg is a single programme, which are normally broadcast stripped from Monday to Friday. Examples of some surprising bids include a Buddha statue that was purchased for 50 pounds and then sold for 3800 pounds, a 7500% profit and a Chambre Automatique De Bertsch sub-miniature camera, bought for 60 pounds and sold at auction for 20,000 pounds. The Antiques Road Trip isn't just about antiques though, in each show we visit places of historical and social interest, some well known, others well off the beaten path, from medieval castles to sites of the industrial revolution.

Available Episodes

  1. 1 Promo
  2. 2 Episode 6
  3. 3 Episode 11
  4. 4 Episode 12
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