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Island Medics - Series 1

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Genre: Factual
Production Year: 2017

Broadcaster: BBC One
Producer: Red Sky Productions

More than 200 miles from the nearest general hospital on the UK mainland, surrounded by the North Sea and closer to the Arctic Circle than London, Shetland's hospital is unique. While most hospital doctors are specialists in a particular area of medicine, those working on Shetland must be able to switch between different kinds of healthcare. It's surgeons and physicians have the most varied caseloads of any doctors anywhere in the UK. And unlike every other hospital in the UK, Shetland hospital's busiest period isn't winter it's summer. That's when the population of the Shetland Islands more than doubles, its visitors including the 50,000 passengers disembarking from colossal cruise ships in the summer months. The remote location, its surroundings and visitors mean that this hospital also has unusually varied patients from the local population to tourists, from fishermen to oil & gas workers. In this series we follow the hospital doctors, nurses and GPs who are Shetland's Island Medics. Their work may be similar to NHS colleagues elsewhere but Shetland makes their jobs uniquely varied and uniquely exciting. As well as the hospital and its staff, we will also gain access to Shetland's other vital services, including its air ambulance and coastguard rescue. The medics in Shetland don't just have the day job. Many double up with other work in the community as well. Doctors have roles as coastguards and scene of crime pathologists; one midwife delivers lambs for local farmers as well as babies. Each episode is packed with incident and action, as we follow a doctor working in paediatrics in the morning and with geriatrics in the afternoon, paramedics rescuing invalids alongside the coastguard team, and nurses and GPs dealing with the ordinary and extraordinary each day, from the operating theatre to an isolated community on one of Shetland's 15 inhabited, far-flung islands.

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