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BattleBots - Series 3

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Genre: Entertainment
Production Year: 2018

Broadcaster: Discovery US
Producer: Whalerock Studios LLC & BattleBots Inc

BattleBots has had a solid start on Discovery main channel: around 1.2m total viewers at 8pm Fridays for all 4 episodes to date. This is 40% up on the show that aired in the slot during the previous 4 weeks to BattleBots, and 21% up on the slot average for the whole of the previous year. And now it's back, with an explosive new format, featuring more battles, more metal carnage and more excitement in every single episode. The first 18 episodes are standalone, with each climaxing in a dramatic Big Bout that ensures viewers are gripped to the very end. In the build up to each Big Bout commentators present a top-trumps style comparison of the bots, while brilliant reportage and VTs add to the anticipation - telling us more about each battle and its participants, both human and robot! Throughout each episode we'll also see four other fights in the BattleBox, the world's largest bullet-proof arena: these could be grudge matches between returning favourites, a tag team exhibition fight or even a battle between an established bot and an upstart newbie. Ringside interviews and commentary, plus post-match analysis, mean that every single bang, crash and crunch is captured. And this time, new 360 botcams and bot drones will also put online viewers right in the heart of the action. The 16 top ranked bots from the series then face off in a single elimination tournament across the final two episodes, delivering a brand new BattleBots World Ranking and of course, the new World BattleBots Champion.

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