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Petit Panda

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Genre: Factual
Production Year: 2018

Broadcaster: TF1
Producer: Éléphant Doc

Petit Panda is a gorgeous, primetime family film charting the challenges around mating, pregnancy, birth, and the first few months of baby panda Yuan Meng. With rare insight to the process, as well as to what it takes to preserve the species, Petit Panda is an informative and enjoyable hour, built around five years of hard work from a passionate and knowledgeable team. The incredible story unfolds in Beauval Parc, where two giant pandas, Huan Huan and Yan Ze, were welcomed in 2012. The zoo's owners hope to promote panda preservation with the patter of tiny paws. Nature, however, refuses to take its course so an expert from China arrives to help with artificial insemination. From then on, with full access, we follow the incredible trials and tribulations of Huan Huan's pregnancy. We track developments in the womb and cameras are there to capture the touch-and-go birth and the roller-coaster of emotions that were displayed by the delivery team. The first few days and weeks are difficult for our hugely adorable baby panda and we follow as the team of dedicated specialists support both him and his mother before this superstar panda can finally meet his public.

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