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Ultimate Vets - Series 2

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Genre: Factual
Production Year: 2018

Broadcaster: CBBC
Producer: True North Productions

The four caring, animal-crackers vets Cheryl, James, Rory and Cat are back for a second series of this family-friendly, access-all-areas show. Presented by pet-lover Stacey Dooley, we follow these amazing young vets as they treat a wide selection of pets - from cute and cuddly to ginormous and grumpy - with a huge range of ailments. Along the way we see James perform a risky eye operation on Charlie the Labrador, watch as Rory removes a huge growth from Chas the Chihuahua and follow Cat as she is given the runaround when she visits a herd of moody alpacas at a local animal park. From sorting small day-to-day problems to managing life-threatening illness, the fantastic four never give up and do everything they can to get the nation's pets back on their hooves, claws and paws.

Available Episodes

  1. 1 Episode 1 UK TX version aka The Pets Factor
  2. 2 Episode 2 UK TX version aka The Pets Factor
  3. 3 Promo
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