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Baby Hater

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Genre: Factual
Production Year: 2018

Broadcaster: Virgin Media Television
Producer: Tyrone Productions

Baby Hater is an insightful and very personal look at one woman's decision to not have children, while exploring the fact that society still appears more accepting of women who do want to be a mother. Despite being one of a growing number of women who decide to remain childless Joanne McNally, a 34-year-old comedian, is continuously told that she's 'wrong' and will live to regret her decision. Sick of being labelled a baby hater, and selfish, she sets out to challenge the concept of whether having a baby really defines being a woman. Along the way Joanne puts her no kids conviction to the test, including getting her fertility tested, meeting a two-hour old new born baby, and talking her decision through with her own mother. As Joanne herself was adopted, the whole issue of motherhood is far more complex than it is for most and she has always wondered if she's missed out on some natural connection. Joanne will look at every aspect of this life changing decision forensically, meeting the baby opposed and the baby obsessed, including exploring the whole phenomenon of parents who regret having their own kids, to finally decide, once and for all, if becoming a mother is definitely off the cards.

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