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Handmade in Mexico

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Genre: Factual
Production Year: 2018

Broadcaster: BBC Four
Producer: Red Sky Productions

This mesmerizing, blue-chip series provides an intimate look at the creation of three traditional artefacts that are deeply embedded in Mexico's rich culture. The episodes are full of colour and incredible detail, with beautiful footage and gentle pacing providing a remarkable insight into the way of life of talented craftsman and women. The uniquely Mexican artworks featured in the series are the Huipil, a vibrantly embroidered garment worn by women in Istmo de Tehuantepec and famously worn by Frid Kahlo; the huge Tree of Life clay sculptures, strongly associated with the Metepec state and used during colonial times to teach the bible to natives and Alebrijes, exquisite, brightly coloured wooden sculptures of fantastical creatures. Each episode focuses on one craft and we get to follow a piece of art from concept to completion, witnessing the pride that the artisans take in their intricate work. Handmade in Mexico succeeds in being a gorgeous and revelatory series that explores aspects of life in Mexico rarely seen before on TV.

Available Episodes

  1. 1 Episode 1 - Huipil
  2. 2 Episode 2 - Tree of Life
  3. 3 Episode 3 - Alebrijes
  4. 4 Promo Ep 1
  5. 5 Promo Ep 2
  6. 6 Promo Ep 3
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