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Don't Ask me, Ask ...

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Genre: Entertainment
Production Year: 2015

Broadcaster: Rai
Producer: Chalkboard TV

'Don't Ask Me' is a new prime-time, entertainment event built upon the live, interactive 'opinion polling' of viewers. Three teams of studio contestants try to second guess the opinions, likes and dislikes of the nation as they strive to avoid elimination and play the final 'Exit Poll' for serious cash! Our teams see a multiple-choice question, the viewers vote and then in the studio the teams try to identify the most popular answer. They win points equivalent to the percentage of the nation who voted for their chosen answer. So, it's not what you think; it's what you think the nation thinks! Viewers also vote to decide the outcome of tiebreaks, what prizes our eliminated contestants go home with and which songs our studio guests should sing. Its a live, interactive, entertainment bonanza with a brilliant new game show as its spine.

Available Episodes

  1. 1 Promo
  2. 2 Episode 1
  3. 3 Episode 2
  4. 4 Episode 4
  5. 5 Episode 5
  6. 6 Episode 6
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