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Fortitude - Series 3

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Genre: Drama & Comedy
Production Year: 2018

Broadcaster: Sky Atlantic
Producer: Fifty Fathoms

The genre-busting Arctic epic series returns with one final chilling visit. Featuring an all-star cast of returning favourites and brand new characters, we return to Fortitude at the start of Season 3 with the death of Governor Munk (Ken Stott) continuing to hang over the town, as the inhabitants of the most staggeringly beautiful place on earth begin to piece their lives back together after the horrors of Season 2. The authorities in Oslo have despatched two police officers, Myklebust (Maria Schrader) and Oby (Set Sjostrand), to investigate and their persistence leads them dangerously close to the truth. What nobody has reckoned on are the depths of madness that Dan Anderssen (Richard Dormer) is now slowly sinking into and he is a nemesis that they will have to face. Everything in Fortitude seems a bit crazy. Nothing more so than when Oslo appoints an interim governor and the town realises that the man now in charge of their fates is none other than Markus Husekleppe (Darren Boyd) the oddball school teacher who lost his girlfriend to the parasite. But what nobody has reckoned on are the depths of madness that Dan Anderssen is now slowly sinking into and what awful violence is just over the horizon. The town also welcomes some mysterious strangers from the US the ageing and glamorous Elsa Schental (Aliette Opheim) and her protective husband Boyd Mulvihill (Abubakar Salim). Elsa's fate becomes inextricably linked with Michael Lennox's (Dennis Quaid). He is drinking himself to death following the loss of his wife and she offers him some hope of redemption. Dan is also looking for some sort of redemption and is clinging on desperately to his identity as Sheriff. Guardian and protector. But in Fortitude, redemption always comes with a heavy price Starring:Richard Dormer (Game of Thrones), Sofie Grabol (The Killing), Dennis Quaid (The Big Easy). Director: Kieron Hawkes. Producer: Andrew Wood (Will). Exec Producers: Patrick Spence (Five Minutes of Heaven), Simon Donald (Low Winter Sun), Dennis Quaid (The Big Easy). Created By:Simon Donald.

Available Episodes

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  2. 2 Season 3 Promo Sizzle
  3. 3 Episode 1