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Stolen Gold: Battle For The Black Swan Treasure

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Genre: Factual
Production Year: 2012

Broadcaster: Discovery Channel
Producer: JWM Productions

The case sparked headlines around the world, Stolen Gold is a modern story of treasure and greed on the high seas. US expedition, Odyssey Marine Exploration, recently secretly recovered a kings ransom from the deep: 17 tons of silver and gold coins. It was the largest deep water treasure find in history with an estimated value of half a billion dollars. The Spanish government was convinced the treasure came from a Spanish ship, wrecked in the early 19th century. The Spanish navy blockaded Odysseys ships in Gibraltar, throwing its American captain in jail. Private American companies, the Spanish government and even the English and Portuguese all claimed the treasure. In 2012, after many legal cases and appeals, final possession of the treasure was awarded back to Spain but with a new appeal filed, will this court case ever end?

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