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Bugatti Royale: Rebirth of a Legend

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Genre: Factual
Production Year: 2014

Producer: TVT Creative Media gmbH

Charting the rebirth of an automotive legend. Built in 1926 by the legendary Ettore Bugatti and developed for Kings, the Royale was the best, most powerful, most comfortable and by far the most expensive luxury car of its time. It was seen as the crowning glory of the car manufacturers art, a vehicle that was way ahead of its time. By chance, a few years ago a car expert stumbled upon the chassis of the original prototype of a Bugatti Royale, a superlative automobile, damaged in a road accident and lost for decades. The discovery marked the start of a remarkable story. With nothing but the frame and a handful of original scrap parts, some of Europes best Bugatti experts started to rebuild this first prototype. Driven by a passion bordering on madness, they dedicated all their time and skill to realising a completely impossible project. Their passion finally paid off. After years of searching for original parts and building replacement parts, the 1926 Bugatti Royale Torpedo Packard experienced a sensational rebirth. A four-wheeled work of art of incredible value was born, once again probably the most expensive car in the world.

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