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The Queen and I

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Genre: Drama & Comedy
Production Year: 2018

Broadcaster: Sky One
Producer: King Bert Productions

A fictional Republican party led by Jack Barker wins a general election and abolishes the monarchy. The Queen and her family are sent to to live on a grotty council estate. The family settles in with varying success but the Queen struggles. Shes hungry, has no electricity and offends her new neighbours. Whereas the Prince of Wales offends the police and they arrest him for GBH. The Queen helps with the delivery of a neighbours baby and the residents begin to warm to her. And she to them as the Prince of Wales is sentenced to twelve years in prison for GBH. The Queen realises the system is rigged against poor people like her and she bends rules to help her new friends. She helps her neighbours get their children back from social services just as shes devastated by the death of the Queen Mother. The Queen thanks the residents for their kindness at the Queen Mothers funeral and the Prince of Wales takes the opportunity to make a run for it. Meanwhile, Jack Barker has led the country into chaos. Hes found a solution the restoration of the monarchy. He asks the Queen back. Shed like to help, but theres a problem, shes become a Republican

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