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The Plastic Nile

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Genre: Factual
Production Year: 2018

Broadcaster: Sky Atlantic
Producer: Sky News

Just 10 rivers are responsible for transporting 90 per cent of the plastic waste polluting our oceans. By far the biggest polluter in Africa is the River Nile - the world's longest river. This startling hour provides a look at the social, political, human and environmental impact of the growing tidal wave of plastic pollution in the Nile, taking viewers to the source of the White Nile (Lake Victoria in Uganda) and the Blue Nile (Ethiopia) to fully assess the scale of the problem. It's packed with new scientific analysis, including the first-ever study into plastics in river fish and the consequences for the fragile ecosystem along the river's banks, in the food chain and for people. Award-winning Sky News correspondent Alex Crawford presents, visiting war-torn South Sudan and polluted Cairo, as well as confronting secretly filmed illegal plastic smugglers in both Uganda and Kenya. Part of Skys 'Plastic' season.

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