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Weinstein: Hollywood's Reckoning

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Genre: Factual
Production Year: 2019

Broadcaster: Sky Atlantic
Producer: Sky News

Harvey Weinstein was the king of Hollywood - a wealthy and successful movie mogul with 81 Oscars to his name. The world watched as he walked red carpets around the world, with little evidence of his alleged behaviour beyond rumours and gossip, despite it being an open secret in Tinseltown. By 2017, movie production house The Weinstein Company was an industry juggernaut worth millions. But then, something extraordinary happened. Together, a small group of women decided they had waited long enough to tell their stories of how the once untouchable Weinstein had allegedly abused his power to intimidate, harass and sexually assault them. It quickly became clear that they had got their timing right, as some of the most famous names in Hollywood came forward alongside dozens of others to accuse him. The house of cards came tumbling down with astonishing speed, as Weinstein's second wife left him, he was sacked from his own company, checked into a rehab clinic for sex addiction, and was arrested and charged with six counts of sexual assault. But from the ashes of his entertainment empire, rose the #MeToo movement, and with it a global reckoning.

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