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Island Medics - Series 2

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Genre: Factual
Production Year: 2019

Broadcaster: BBC One
Producer: Red Sky Productions

Follow the unique medical service that supports 23,000 Islanders as this riveting obs-doc series returns to the stunning and varied Scottish landscapes of Shetland. Comprising different ‘blue light’ teams, including the coastguard and paramedics, they work from the air, on land and sea to look after the local inhabitants, as well as visitors to the islands. The series takes viewers to a remote hospital for an exclusive behind-the-scenes look and follows the various crews to cover a range of medical stories, many set against the backdrop of extraordinary scenery – for example we see a teenage casualty stuck 50 metres down a cliff. Packed with interesting incidents and fascinating characters, Island Medics continues to cover a wealth of both serious and humorous stories, adding up to a feel-good family viewing experience.

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