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Genre: Factual
Production Year: 2018

Broadcaster: ITV
Producer: Avanti Media

Meet the people who work for one of the UKs largest water and sewage networks in this light-hearted, character-driven obs-doc series. It features down and dirty footage of some of the filthiest jobs in the world, and even includes encounters with the infamous fat-bergs that cause sewers to overflow. We meet everyone from the patrol teams and emergency staff to workers in call centres and reservoirs, and look at the daily dilemmas associated with managing water and wastage, including fixing leaks and keeping an eye on water supply during the driest summer in 40 years. Problem solving, jeopardy and danger are in a days work for the emergency workers and engineers, no job is too big or small for these everyday heroes keeping clean water running to every home. Packed with entertaining characters and mixing reportage and fixed-rig footage, this fast-paced mini-series is an engaging watch and manages to capture the incredible scale of this operation.

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Available Episodes

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  2. 2 Ep 2
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