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Murder For My Man

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Genre: Factual
Production Year: 2018

Broadcaster: TV One, LLC
Producer: Jupiter Entertainment

Love can be intoxicating, but this chilling true crime series shows that sometimes, it can be just toxic. From the producers of Fatal Attraction, TV One's most successful true crime series, Murder for My Man features shocking stories about how the desire to please a man can drive a woman to commit unspeakable crimes. Examining both new crimes, as well as bombshell cases with fresh evidence, the twists and turns of each gripping tale are revealed through first-person interviews with those closest to events, including family members and investigators. Each episode also contains fascinating insights from psychologists and psychiatrists, offering opinions on each woman's actions and motivations. This in turn allows viewers to get inside the killers' minds to understand how they became so readily influenced as well as perhaps even ask how far they might be willing to go for love?

Available Episodes

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