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Murder, Mystery and My Family - Series 2

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Genre: Factual
Production Year: 2018

Broadcaster: BBC One
Producer: Chalkboard TV

The award-winning and intriguing true crime series returns for a second series, following the emotional journeys of modern-day descendants who are trying to clear the names of relatives executed for murder. Each episode re-opens a case where a suspected miscarriage of justice remains. For example, we learn about a man sentenced to death, despite another persistently admitting to his crime, and hear details of a failed suicide pact, where a man survived his lover only to be sent to the gallows for her murder. Historical crime scenes are meticulously recreated and top legal experts deploy modern investigative techniques to re-examine old case files and any existing evidence. Fresh arguments are presented to a judge by both the prosecution and defence before a new verdict is reached. This absorbing series cleverly capitalises on the demand for real crime stories by inviting viewers to bear witness and see if contemporary investigations can re-write tarnished family histories.

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Available Episodes

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  2. 2 Ep 2
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