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Skeletons of the Mary Rose: The New Evidence

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Genre: Factual
Production Year: 2019

Broadcaster: Channel 4
Producer: Avanti Media

Unearth brand new never-before-seen information about one of the most famous ships in history. In this fascinating history documentary, exclusive access to the skeleton remains of the 500-year-old Mary Rose, Henry VIII's flagship, reveals startling new secrets of this world-famous wreck, and the origins of those who sailed her. The Mary Rose was raised from the seabed more than 30 years ago, but new cutting-edge DNA science has uncovered the origins of her 179-strong crew and has helped scientists recreate their physical features. Through this genetic information, descendants of the crew are located and then invited to the ship to come face-to-face with recreations of their ancestors. This work clearly shows the diversity of people living in Tudor England and challenges long-held assumptions about the make-up of the country at that time. By revealing these individuals stories we are brought closer to the story of the Mary Rose and those who sailed her.

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