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If We Built It Today

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Genre: Factual
Production Year: 2019

Broadcaster: Knowledge Network Entertainment
Producer: Arcadia Content

We all love to visit man’s most iconic structure and marvel at theses amazing efforts that have stood the tests of time. This entertaining and exciting science series examines some of these impressive creations, including The Great Wall of China and the Roman Colosseum, and looks at the challenges for their construction. Taking a fresh approach to revealing their secrets, each episode focuses on one structure, exploring the engineering, design, materials, high-stakes, danger and historic characters involved. Immersive CGI and a deep graphic style connects the modern makers with ancient architects and builders. Comparative reviews of modern techniques, materials, and manpower provide a staggering appreciation for history’s builders and ask how long, and how much money, it would take to create the same structures today. It’s an innovative approach to science and engineering programming and viewers will be gripped to the very end of each episode when the cost for each modern-day re-construction is revealed.

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Available Episodes

  1. 1 Promo
  2. 2 Ep 1 - Great Pyramids
  3. 3 Ep 2 - Colosseum
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