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Alexander's Lost World

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Genre: Factual
Production Year: 2012

Broadcaster: UKTV / Yesterday / Viasat
Producer: David Adams Films PTY Limited

Photojournalist and director David Adams sets off on an epic journey into one of the most dangerous places on earth, to uncover the farthest reaches of Alexander the Great's Empire. Inaccessible, ravaged by war, filmmakers have not dared journey into its realm until now. Amidst the small mountain towns and ancient ruins of rural Afghanistan is the land of the mighty River Oxus. This was the final frontier of Alexander's vast Empire. Using innovative 3D graphics, the programme recreates sights from ancient worlds that have remained unseen for millennia. For the first time on TV, ruins are rebuilt; the course of the River Oxus is shown; and long forgotten cities and fortresses are brought to life.

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