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The English Gentleman

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Genre: Factual
Production Year: 2015

Broadcaster: Bs Fuji
Producer: Fujisankei Communications International

The English Gentleman continues to be one of Englands most powerful brands. Immaculately dressed and with perfect manners, the stereotypical gentleman can be found through-out the fictional world, from Downton Abbey and Wolf Hall to Sherlock Holmes. But where did this powerful archetype come from? And does he still exist today? Tailors, hatters and shoemakers to the British elite reveal the secrets to the gentlemans unique style. Historians guide us back through the centuries to the gentlemans origins in the Middle Ages. We find out how English gentlemen have changed the world, from creating the longbow to ending the Atlantic Slave Trade. And some modern day gentlemen and gentlewomen tell us what it means in the modern world. High profile contributors include Downton Abbeys Jim Carter, menswear designer Sir Paul Smith, and Oxford University Chancellor Lord Patten.

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