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Yonderland - Series 1

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Genre: Drama & Comedy
Production Year: 2013

Broadcaster: Sky 1
Producer: Working Title TV

From award-winning production company, Working Title, comes a new fantasy comedy classic, Yonderland. Meet Debbie, The Chosen Mum, a new kind of superhero, whose superpower is common sense. Stay-at-home mum Debbie Maddox returns home after dropping off her children for their first day at school. Facing a life of boredom, Debbie is interrupted by a wildly enthusiastic elf who informs her she is the saviour of another world she is the Chosen Mum. Through a portal in her kitchen cupboard, Debbie unexpectedly finds herself in Yonderland, an extraordinary place inhabited by eccentric and idiotic characters with only the Elf and the grumpy Nick the Stick to guide her. Questioning her sanity, Debbie leaves behind her humdrum life to fight the evil Negatus, helping the fantastically incompetent inhabitants of Yonderland. From cowardly knights, to monks who can't lie, it will take all Debbies resources, but mostly her common sense, to complete each week's quest in time to pick up the children from school. Critically acclaimed and a hit with family audiences, Yonderland introduces viewers to a whole new world of irreverent, and sometimes surreal, comedy. Critics have described the series as the true heir to Monty Python Starring: Mathew Baynton (The Wrong Mans), Stephen Fry (QI)

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