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Escape from the Secret Sect

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Genre: Factual
Production Year: 2015

Broadcaster: Real Lives
Producer: Knickerbockerglory

Theres an invisible community in the UK. Clandestine, elusive and living on our streets are around 16,000 UK brethren members, Britains most secretive sect. Exclusive brethren are not allowed to watch tv, go to the cinema, listen to the radio, go to cafes or restaurants, dance or read literature. Cut off from the world and all the evil in it, they only know what their elders tell them and are taught not to question anything. This documentary follows 25-year-old Emma as she attempts to leave one of Britains most secretive organisations, the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church. We hear the extraordinary stories of ex-brethren and get a rare insight into this secret sect.

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